Propaganda posters by GARY LOBSTEIN

All other artwork by CHRIS BAILEY





At the height of the Victorian Age a strange asteroid crossed the orbit of our planet. Luckily, it missed colliding with the Earth. But with cursed luck, our world did not miss the debris in its wake. Meteorites fell by the thousands...some of monumental size. Millions perished as the clock was set back to a second Dark Age. The Earth was reshaped and the skylands lifted by the strange aetherite ore deposited with the meteorites.

Due to the drastic geographical changes and the extinction of several species, the rate of evolution of some animals briefly hastened, and previously unknown organisms appeared. The rarest and most unique have been dubbed 'kraken'--a blanket term for new creatures that are significantly larger, or look like new beings altogether. Kraken were already the subject of legends by the time the Zoological Society was founded by Royal House Bowie to study and classify them. Their diverse numbers include the benign and amphibious Mist Kraken of Drogheda, the beautiful Razor-Crested Macaque, the deadly skyborne Cephlash and the Dia-Tatsu of Okinawa, among others.

Eventually, civilization rose again. Science and reason returned. Ancient knowledge and technology were rediscovered--the harnessing of steampower, medical advancements and the creation of architectural marvels. Empires and republics flourished once more. It took nearly 800 years to unlock the secrets of the aetherite, but the skylands were put within our reach, ushering in a new era of exploration and conquest. So began the Age of the Airship as pioneers, miners, exiles and pirates took to the aethersphere seeking unknown lands and riches.

Woe Claw Recruitment Propaganda


This is the year 997. While the Royal League fights amongst themselves, the Empire of Rabasa continues its expansionist policies, checked mainly by the Free Republic of Asimov. The Abrahamic Auctoritas falls further into obscurity while new cults arise to take its place, like the strange Cult of Cthulhu. Piracy threatens commerce and immigration amongst the countries and cities on the skylands above. Even while there are those who wish to stay out of these affairs and live a life of routine and safety, adventure is inescapable in these Dirigible Days.

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