Santiago Dunbar

(James Bragado)


Santiago DunbarCaptain of the airship S.S. Beatrix. Born in the Vilalba Sky Mines and raised on the skyland of Manitowak, Captain Dunbar has been around airships all his life. As a Sky Inspector in the International Constabulary, he served aboard various airships, including the Basilisk during the Evacuation of Kilimanjaro. Although decorated for his heroic deeds in this pirate battle, he lost his left arm during the crash-landing of the galleon. This led to his early retirement at the age of 29.

Shortly after, he purchased the Beatrix and began a cargo hauling venture with Josie Devereaux. Eventually, his profits allowed him to purchase the prosthetic gun-arm he now wears. Having commanded the Beatrix with a skeleton crew for far too long, he finds himself looking for a new engineer in the city of Dali to help repair an engine that prematurely malfunctioned, forcing them to land.

Hooper Jefferson

(Jeff Gruhala)

WiHooper Jeffersontty and easy-going engineer from the United Tribal Nations of West America (Shoshone) and graduate of Lockwood Technical Academy, Hoop (as his friends call him) recently resigned from his position as Airship Constructor's Mate at San Francisco Aerodrome in order to "see the world". He has spent the past few months traversing the immense length of the nation of Great Wall, eventually making it to its most southern outpost of Dali. Overhearing a brash captain in the Mighty Anchor Saloon looking for help on his airship, Hoop decides to return to the skies once more.

Josie Devereaux

(Julie Wilhelm)

Josie DevereauxGruff pilot of the Beatrix, Josie has been at the wheel of the ship since before Captain Dunbar purchased it two years ago. Injured in a mysterious incident, she is mute and communicates in shorthand on a small chalkboard. Despite this handicap, it is not unknown for her to get into fights--usually with Captain Dunbar shouting at her and Josie scribbling wry replies frantically back. They get along well enough to make their endeavor a profitable one though, and play chess on a nightly basis. 

Salazar Strega

(Gary Lobstein)

Salazar StregaKnown as "The Hierophant", Salazar Strega is the High Priest of the Cult of Cthulhu. Rarely seen since the cult went underground after they began their terrorist campaign, Salazar Strega is known to wear a strange tank and breathing apparatus and wields absolute control over his followers. It has been speculated that this contraption may be a form of alien technology. The Empire of Rabasa has put a bounty on Strega's head which many have tried to collect. None have succeeded...yet.

Pinkerton Cornell

(Adam Goforth)

Pinkerton CornellUnscrupulous agent  and lawman of the Pinkerton Bounty Hunters in the service of the Royal League, Cornell has been tasked  with bringing the terrorist Salazar Strega to justice. Not wanting to risk a potential reward for Strega's capture by sharing what he knows about Strega and his whereabouts with his fellow pinkertons, he has found his own way to capture the crazed hierophant.


Lincoln Keitel

(Jason Orsega)

Commodore KeitelLincoln Keitel is a veteran member of the Woe-Claw Mercenary Corps and commander of both the  airship Vandal and submersible Charybdis. Woe-Claw Command charged Commodore Keitel to capture Salazar Strega and claim the bounty on his head, and to procure  his apparatus technology at any cost. Not long ago, a Woe-Claw regimen nearly succeeded in a daring mission to infiltrate Strega's secret temple and capture him, but the small group of survivors of the temple massacre were later ambused by Pinkerton Cornell. Now, Commodore Keitel is sending his forces across the globe to locate his quarry and the technology once again.



(G.D. Falksen)

Omar HumboltOmar Humbolt is the mining tycoon of questionable reputation currently residing in the so-called "Hidden City" of Drogheda. When Santiago Dunbar was with the Sky Constabulary, he was sent to investigate Humbolt regarding the theft of airship parts, culminating in an incident that ended with both men fighting side-by-side against Saransk pirates. Since then, the two have shared a tumultuous but mutually respectful relationship. The airship Beatrix was en route to Drogheda to provide Humbolt with five crates of Dr. Nygard's Visiworx goggles (for use in the mist-shrouded aetherite mines) before being commandeered by Agent Cornell.

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